Croatian Academic Sports Federation was part of the thematic session of the Croatian Parliament “Development of Academic Sport”

The Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Croatian Parliament, in cooperation with the Committee on Health and Social Policy of the Croatian Parliament and the Committee on Family, Youth and Sport of the Croatian Parliament, held a joint thematic session today on the topic of Development of Academic Sport.

The session was led by the chairpersons of the three committees, Vesna Bedeković, Vesna Vučemilović and Renata Sabljar-Dračevac, along with the committee members. The Croatian Academic Sports Federation was represented at the session by the first vice-president Toni Gamulin, vice-president Tonći Jerak, general secretary Nikola Vincetić, sports director Jelena Matešić and representatives of the members Aleksandar Selmanović and Željko Sudarić. In addition to Nikola Vincetić, the introductory speakers at the session were Darko Vučić, head of the Sector for Development and Competitions of the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Jerko Šarić, president of the Student Council of the University of Split.

Nikola Vincetić presented the Croatian Academic Sports Federation and all its activities, including the competitive aspect, the most important project UniSport Health, the conference 4 Healthy Academic Society and the candidacy for the European University Games 2028 in Split, which will serve as a springboard and a new strategic goal for HASS.


The importance of physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits was emphasized, as was the promotion and creation of better conditions for regular sports participation and the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits and disease prevention. No less important was the fight against addiction.

The topics of including as many young people as possible in sports activities, dual careers, inclusion and gender equality, systematic data collection, and necessary steps in education policies and flexibility towards student athletes (categorized, professional, amateur and recreational) were raised, as well as regulations in sport that provide support for non-professional athletes.

The conclusions were that sport is inseparable from education and should be accessible to everyone, which is also the basis of the Olympic Charter, and that progress is only possible with better cooperation between sports institutions of the Republic of Croatia and ministries related to education and sport.


During the discussion, the representatives and other participants of the session agreed on the importance of continuous work on the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, as well as investing more in recreational sports, from the youngest to the student age. A proposal was also made to introduce physical education as a compulsory subject in the first two years of college.

The entire session can be viewed in the video on the YouTube channel.