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Registration and Abstract Submission

March 22, 2024

Full-Text Submission

April 15, 2024


May 27, 2024


Size and Format:

The paper must not exceed a maximum of 6 pages, inclusive of the abstract, body of the text, tables, figures, or any other graphical illustrations, and references. A “page” refers to A4 size, with all four external margins set at 2.5 cm.



Times New Roman, bold 14 pt. The following information should be provided under the paper title: first and last names of authors and co-authors, the name of the institution where they are employed, and the email address of all authors. The author for correspondence (exhibitor) should be underlined. One author may appear on a maximum of two submitted papers.


Paper Structure:

Each paper should include a title, keywords, abstract (not exceeding 250 words, text without headings), body of the text, and references. The main body of the text should be divided into sections with subheadings (Times New Roman, 11 pts, bold, left-justified, preceded by one blank line). For experimental studies: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References.


Tables, Graphs, and Image Editing:

Black and white illustrations should be integrated into the body of the text. Tables (Times New Roman, 10 pt) should be referred to in the text as Table and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in a single series. Please ensure that editable tables are sent (not in picture format). Titles (ordinal number and title) of images (Times New Roman, 10 pt) must be placed below the images. The text immediately below the pictures (which is not the title of the pictures) should be in Times New Roman, 8 pt, with line spacing set to 1. The text of the pictures must be written in English. Images must be clearly visible (resolution at least 300 dpi). If the images do not originate from the author, the source should be indicated below the image (Times New Roman, 8 pt, italics).


Citation and References:

References should be cited according to the APA system. Everything stated in the text should be included in the bibliography, and only what was used in the text should be listed in the bibliography. The last names of the authors and the year of publication should be given in the text; if there are three or more authors, the first author should be introduced, and the abbreviation “et al.” should be used. References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper.


Alphabetical Order of References:

References should be in alphabetical order in the list. They should be complete and contain all the authors (up to six) listed in the title of the original publication. Titles of references written in languages other than English should be additionally translated into English and enclosed within square brackets. Full titles of journals are required (not their abbreviations).


Conference Fee: 100 euros


  • Access to all conference sessions
  • Additional Benefits: Welcome drink on Day 1, lunch and dinner on Day 2, and lunch on Day 3.