1st International Scientific Conference

4 HealthY academic society

June 8, 2023, Poreč, Croatia

With the aim of implementing activities from the National Sports Program 2019 - 2026, the Croatian Academic Sports Federation in cooperation with partners from the academic society, sports and health sector decided to organize the

1st International Scientific Conference

4 HealthY academic society

The academic society is based on scientific knowledge that contributes to the improvement of sport, health and all other aspects of the functioning of academic sport and society. The Croatian Academic Sports Federation, as the umbrella organisation, is responsible for the development and uses scientific knowledge as a tool to improve all aspects that contribute to the quality of academic sports.

According to the European Council Resolution and the EU Sport Plan 2021-2024, some of the priorities are: strengthening sport, promoting participation in sport and health-enhancing physical activity and linking sport to other policy areas such as: education, health, young people, gender equality, innovation, tourism, etc.

The aim of the Conference “4 Healthy academic society” is to create a platform for scientists at international and national level from different fields dealing with sport, physical activity and health in academic society. We would like to give a special place to the celebration of 60 years of compulsory physical education (1963-2023) at the University of Zagreb.

With this conference, we would like to draw attention to the impact of the quality of physical education, extracurricular sports activities, and academic sports on a healthier academic environment.



The main topics of the 1st conference

"4 HealthY academic society"

Physical education, health and sport in academic society;
Management in academic sports;
Status of student-athletes in academic society