2nd International Scientific Conference

4 HealthY academic society

May 30 to June 1, 2024, Poreč, Croatia

With the aim of implementing activities from the National Sports Program 2019-2026, the Croatian Academic Sports Federation, in cooperation with partners from the academic society, sports, and health sectors, has decided to organize the

2nd International Scientific Conference

4 HealthY academic society

We are pleased to present the 2nd International Scientific Conference titled “4 Healthy Academic Society,” organized by the Croatian Academic Sports Federation in collaboration with its partners. The conference will take place from May 30 to June 1, 2024, in Poreč, Croatia. As the umbrella sports organization, the Croatian Academic Sports Federation leads the initiative to use scientific insights as a catalyst for progress, addressing areas such as education, physical and mental health of students and university staff, social responsibility, development of healthy lifestyle habits, gender equality, innovation, marketing, safety challenges, and the promotion of tourism through academic sports and scientific activities.

The conference “4 Healthy Academic Society” focuses on integrating knowledge and practice to collectively create a space where sports, physical exercise, and health become the foundation for a quality life in the academic community.


“Physical and Mental Health of Students”

  • Anthropological Characteristics: Fitness, physical structure, and motor abilities.
  • Health-oriented physical exercise for students and students with disabilities.
  • Psychological Aspect: Impact on mental well-being, motivation, and stress reduction.


“Dual Career in Sports”

  • Education in sports or through sports (adaptation of the educational process, evaluation of engagement in sports and acquired competencies, promotion of higher education through sports, etc.).
  • Promoting unity, social interaction, team spirit, and friendships within sports communities.
  • Innovations in monitoring and encouraging activities:
  • Implementation of technology to improve social support.


“Safety, Sustainability, and Technological Progress”

  • Injuries and Safety: Injury prevention, safety policies, and medical support.
  • Safety, sustainability, and technological progress in academic sports.
  • Application of artificial intelligence: How technological progress supports safety and personalized training.
  • Development of policies for environmentally friendly sports programs.

We invite you to actively participate in presentations and discussions with eminent scientists, researchers, and experts, and to stay informed about new scientific findings shaping a healthier academic community based on a healthy and responsible lifestyle.